Why is water leaking from the bottom of my lazy spa pump?

Arvel Donnelly asked a question: Why is water leaking from the bottom of my lazy spa pump?
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Leaking from the bottom of the unit. This can be caused by a perished washer, cracked pipe or other issue inside the pump. Check that the couplings are fully secured and not cross threaded or cracked. Washers may be misaligned.

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Ways and Means Around Water Leak Problems As mentioned, a leak in the pump could well be a case of tightening up the seals. It’s a very common issue that can befall even the most seasoned of Lay-Z-Spa units. However, there may be occasions where the problem is something a little more complex.

There may be some water in the massage seam of the spa. There is then a non-return valve on the inside of the pump which will stop any water from going into the pump where it shouldn’t. If the pump is connected to the spa with the washer in the correct place, you shouldn’t be able to see any water leaking from this.

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The advisor I spoke with said it was the non return valve within the inflatable liner for the air bubbles - tube A which as it was failing was causing water to go back into the air pump thus leaking from the bottom of the pump unit, apparently it is a common thing as the valve is rubber and perishes over time, they said that I won't get a warranty with the new liner and it'll likely happen to this one too within the next 24 months as it's a "wear and tear item" and "rubber does ...

Water is leaking from connections between the pump and liner: Attach the stopper caps to the inside of the liner, disconnect the pump unit, and move the pump unit away from the liner. Check the washers are all in place and not perished or missing. When you connect the pump back to the liner be careful not to cross thread the connections.

• Leaky spa pumps: If your spa pump is leaking, the likely culprit can be shaft seals, unions, or wet end volutes. • Leaky spa lights: Loose/cracked lens can lead to leaks. Your light housing or niche is usually found on the same side as your spa pak, so it shouldn’t be too difficult at all to service your tub.

Leaks occur in the pump sealing with usage and age of the tub. If you discover that the pump sealing is where the leaks occur, then, it is either the pump sealing is repaired or replaced. The option of the replacement or repair depends on what the professional recommends.

There is debris inside the pump which is stopping the water from heating properly. Try the back wash procedure. The incorrect temperature has been set on the pump. Use the arrow keys on the control panel to adjust the spa temperature. The pump display will show current temperature of the water in your spa and not the set temperature.

Fasten the water inlet or outlet tightly. If there is still water leaking, replace a new inlet or outlet. 2.1 Water is leaking from spa liner bottom. 2.2 Water is leaking from drainage pipe. Check if drainage pipe is loose. 3.1 Connecting pipes of pipes and filter pump is loose

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