Why did anakins hair turn brown?

Cathrine Gorczany asked a question: Why did anakins hair turn brown?
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They used different actors. However, blond hair often darkens as someone gets older. It's completely plausible that Anakin had light blond hair as a child (living on a desert planet no less) whose hair darkened to the more dirty blond (I wouldn't really call it brown) later on.

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Anakin is shown to wear brown robes too: However, the contrasting black robes were an indication of his personality. He was different, over-confident, brash, and sometimes reckless. He most likely wanted to feel like he was special, and wearing a color which makes his figure stand out seems befitting. Of course, out-of-universe, he wears black ...

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3 years ago. In addition to the other answers, Anakin's in particular is described as radiation-bleached in a couple of the books. Time in a starfighter, lots of unfiltered solar UV I suppose. 3. level 2. Ender_Skywalker. Original Poster. 3 years ago. He's not in starfighter until he's older and his hair is darker.

All of the ROTS leaked images have Anakin's hair looking borderline overgrown, with a hint of a wildness to it, which really fits his character. That Padawan cut, messy as it was, couldn't have looked particularly nice growing out. In fact, it would have looked flat-out bad. Chaotic_Serenity, Feb 9, 2005. #16.

Why Anakin’s Lightsaber DIDN’T Turn RED After Killing Younglings. In Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Anakin Skywalker performed his most evil deeds when turning to the dark side and into Darth Vader. He killed younglings and the entire Jedi Order in Order 66.

Why did my brown hair turn black? If you colored your hair with this color for the first time and it was the color you wanted then you used the same color to get rid of the roots and it turned black, it is because you must have pulled it through to the ends.

Because a Jedi lightsaber was powered by a kyber crystal. Traditionally Jedi took the other ones to a plan or an area were there were a copious amounts of Khyber crystals and the pedal ones were allowed to choose their own. In current Star Wars Ca...

My hair turned brown faster than my siblings did; My white blond hair began to slightly darken to regular blond in my mid 30's. Why does dark hair go so copper when you just put a normal ... from i.pinimg.com My hair is always pulled back so the top is light brown with some sandy streaks(i know this is from the sun) and my crown is light brown and my nape is dark similar threads.

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