Where to put a mandala tattoo?

Timothy Ortiz asked a question: Where to put a mandala tattoo?
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Learn how to tattoo - lesson 6 mandala tattoo

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Best Placement of Mandala Tattoos

The most common placement for mandala tattoos is the chest and back for men, and shoulder, forearms and thighs for women. However, there are no limits to how you can express yourself with your mandala tattoo. Check out these designs below to see what placement stands out to you.

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Adobe illustrator tutorial - mandala tattoo design 2017

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You can keep it covered or show it off to everyone! I think the back is one of the most feminine and delicate places to get a tattoo - but you can easily make it look sexy. Isn't that what we all want? This is just one of cool placements for mandala tattoos! What do you think about back tattoos? 2 Back of Your Arm

The most common place to get a mandala tattoo would be on your arm or hand. These areas feature medium-sized mandala tattoos with some beautiful detailing. If you’re going for a bigger mandala tattoo design, you can opt for your back, chest, thighs, or stomach.

Watercolour mandala forearm tattoo. Mandala sleeve tattoo. Beautiful lotus flower forearm tatoo. Combination of mandala and contemporary art. Stunning mandala back tattoo. Mandala moons are also very popular. The tattoo as a beautiful accessory. Who says mandalas can’t be colourful. Wonderful addition to your jewellery. Lion mandala thigh tattoo

Mandala Tattoos Meaning and Symbolism. Mandalas are geometric symbols and patterns used for religious and spiritual purposes, most often in South Asian and Japanese cultures. These patterns are thought to represent certain deities in South Asian religions, including Ganesh and Saraswati, and are also used in Shinto rituals in Japan.

Mandala is a huge part of the Buddhist and Hindu culture. When you want to source your mandala design from Hindu, go for a black tattoo, which is closer to the sand version, one often used in Hindu culture. When it comes to a religious nature, a mandala tattoo is not just a symbol for Buddhism and Hindu—other religions use the mandala as well.

Mandala Back Tattoo If you meditate on mandalas you might put one in a symbolic place such as the center of your shoulder blades to represent how your practice "centers" you. Consider what ...

Mandala tattoo design on elbow for guys. Mandala tattoo designs can be large in size so rib cage can be a good place for having a mandala design. A colorful mandala tattoo design covering full left sleeve of a man. This is one of the best thinking for mandala tattoo designs.

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According to Project Semicolon, the tattoo is used when an author could have chosen to end his or her sentence but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life. Incidentally, Project Semicolon is an organization that aims to help prevent suicide.

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