When did margaret vinci come up with the beehive hairstyle?

Josephine Watsica asked a question: When did margaret vinci come up with the beehive hairstyle?
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  • It was developed in 1960 by Margaret Vinci Heldt of Elmhurst, Illinois, owner of the Margaret Vinci Coiffures in downtown Chicago, who won the National Coiffure Championship in 1954, and who had been asked by the editors of Modern Beauty Salon magazine to design a new hairstyle that would reflect the coming decade.

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Before the likes of Jen Atkin, Kristin Ess, Oribe, and Chris McMillan, there was Margaret Vinci Heldt, a Chicago-based celebrity hairstylist who came to local prominence in the 1950s. She created...

Margaret Vinci Heldt, a Chicago beautician who, with the aid of hair spray and a favourite hat, redefined coiffure for women of the 1960s and the decades beyond when she created the sky-scraping...

by Alison Alhamed | March 7, 2012. The woman credited for creating the famous Beehive hairstyle back in the 1960s, passed away peacefully on June 10, 2016 at age 98. Margaret Vinci Heldt of Elmhurst, IL, was active with her professional association,Cosmetologists Chicago, for almost 80 years.

With the creation of the beehive, however, women would lose the width and focus solely on how high they could pile their hair. The beehive was created in 1960 by Chicago stylist Margaret Vinci Heldt. Heldt was asked by the editors of Modern Beauty Salon magazine to create a new hairdo that would spice up the world of beauty.

Margaret Vinci Heldt, now 92, came up with the towering style in 1960 after she was asked to create a look to mark the new decade by Modern Beauty Salon magazine. Trendsetter: Margaret Vinci Heldt,...

W hen Chicago-based hairstylist Margaret Vinci Heldt, who has died at age 98, invented the beehive in 1960 it’s unlikely she thought we’d still be discussing it almost 60 years later – but ...

Caryn Rousseau/Associated Press/file 2011 WASHINGTON — Margaret Vinci Heldt, a Chicago hairdresser credited with teasing, sculpting, and spraying the first beehive, the conical up do that heralded...

This is the short inside story to how the ‘ beehive hairdo ‘ came into being. Vinci-Heldt’s-beehive-featured-in-February-1960-issue-of-Modern-Beauty-Salon “It started when Modern Beauty Salon magazine put out for designers to come up with a hairdo that captured the new decade.

An American hairstylist named Margaret Vinci Heldt is credited as the creator of the beehive hairstyle. In 1960, Heldt experimented with the style in an attempt to come up with a unique style for a beauty magazine photo spread. Once the photographs were published, other hairstylists began to recreate the hairdo for their clients.

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