When can you legally get a tattoo in canada?

Tod Kub asked a question: When can you legally get a tattoo in canada?
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People looking to get a tattoo must be over the age of 18. If you are 16-17 years old, you must have written permission from your parental guardian. And lastly, all customers are required to provide valid photo identification outlining the proof of age.

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Canadian laws governing the legal age for tattoos vary and are set by provincial, local, municipal or city laws, even varying from one tattoo studio to the next. No national law sets a specific age of consent. Because getting a tattoo requires a person to enter into a legal contract, many tattoo studios require a customer to be over age 18 to get a ...

According to CBC News, in most Canadian cities there are no laws regulating the age at which people can get a tattoo. Parental consent is strongly suggested but not required. There is no nationwide code for tattoo parlors to follow in Canada, according to CBC News.

However most tattoo places won’t do it setting the age at 18 instead. In Alberta you need to be 18, but this isn’t because of “tattoo laws” it’s because of contract law. Basically a person under the age of 18 can’t legally enter into a contract there so someone else (parent/guardian) has to sign on the dotted line to authorize it.

Can I get a tattoo at 16 in Canada? With regards to age, the Act states that any individual under the age of 16 must have their parent’s explicit consent before getting a tattoo or piercing. However, any individual over the age of 16 may get a tattoo or piercing without the need for parental consent.

While Ontario does not have an official minimum age restriction, the majority of tattoo shops in Ontario will require you to be 18 or have the signature of a guardian’s consent. That said, some artists will regularly tattoo 16 and 17-year-olds without permission, but these are not reputable tattoo shops in Toronto.

In most cases, no, because discrimination is only unlawful when it is based on a ground protected by human rights legislation, such as gender, religion, or disability. If the tattoo was a religious requirement, then the discussion would be very different, and the individual would have a stronger case.

It is expected that at some point there will be new regulations that deal with all issues relating to tattooing and then this will be addressed as well and it seems likely that the law will require parental consent until the child reaches the age of majority. Ask Your Own Canada Law Question.

Depending on where you live, a minor—an individual under the age of 18—may be able to get a tattoo or a body piercing without your consent. Each state establishes its own rules about body art so you'll need to know the law in your area.

In the United States there is no federal law regulating the practice of tattooing.However, all 50 states and the District of Columbia have statutory laws requiring a person receiving a tattoo be at least 18 years old. This is partially based on the legal principle that a minor cannot enter into a legal contract or otherwise render informed consent for a procedure.

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