When can i go to spa after c section?

Kattie Hermiston asked a question: When can i go to spa after c section?
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Your first shower can be 24 hours after surgery. You can take a bath, too, but it may be too difficult getting in and out of the tub for the first 2-3 weeks.

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I went a two weeks after as it was booked ages ago and didn't want to miss out, had no issues at all but I guess it depends how you feel. After all you know your body best :)

Then look at doing a spa break maybe 12 weeks or so after birth: take husband and baby. Use husband to babysit whilst you enjoy the facilities (and feel physically and emotionally up to making the most of it), feed baby inbetween activities (no need to pump and dump), baby will probably sleep through lunch and dinner and hopefully through the night too!

Can I Go Swimming After a C-Section? The short answer is – No, you can’t go swimming after a c-section. After your surgery, there is a necessary period that it’s not advised for you to take a bath, swim, or use a hot tub after a c-section. The reason behind this recommendation is because your body is still an open wound.

So that’s why you should only have showers and no swimming, baths, or spas until after the lochia ceases. With a cesarean section, you have had a significant incision in the abdominal wall. Skin closure techniques vary and therefore the answer will vary.

How Long Should I Wait For Postnatal Massage After A Cesarean? Most doctors suggest that you wait to get massages post a C- section until the cut is completely healed, which normally takes 6-7 weeks. After the C- section, especially in the first 2 weeks your body is extremely sensitive and prone to infections.

It can also help to ease the tension and fatigue that go along with having a new baby at home. If you have had a cesarean section, you may be asked to wait a week or so until your abdominal incision is well on the way to healing. Talk to your care provider for exact instructions. As for the hot tub, I'd be more cautious.

This depends on whether the spasms are elinating from the rectus muscle or uterus. Both are responses to trauma of surgery and some muscle relaxants may be prescribed by your physician and will resolve over time. However some spasms of the uterus are normal in the course of time as it contracts down to its normal size.

Having a cesarean section is major surgery, and any procedure that entails anesthesia and an incision can cause the risk of complications. Driving after a c-section too soon could disrupt your stitches, wound, and healing. When you can drive is different for each patient and depends on how fast you are healing and any complications.

RainshadowNoba. Feb 26, 2016 at 6:47 AM. Anything that could cause your body to detox should wait until after breastfeeding (if you plan to do that), but most activities can be resumed as soon as you feel comfortable (or bleeding has stopped and you've been given the go ahead from your OB).

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