What is silk touch not compatible with?

Addison Kiehn asked a question: What is silk touch not compatible with?
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Minecraft players should note that Silk Touch is incompatible with the Fortune enchantment. Even with the use of console commands to get both enchantments on one item, the Silk Touch enchantment will always take supersede and override the Fortune enchantment.

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Silk touch and smelting touch does not conflict but they do not work well together. Also bane smite and sharpness are incompatible with each other

If the background is red it means that enchantment is not available. Enchantments normally become unavailable when another enchantment that they are not compatible with has been selected. For example, Silk Touch is not compatible with Fortune, so you can not try to put both on the same tool.

Fortune is a must-have for the Pickaxe you don’t want to sacrifice it with Silk Touch, it’s not worth it (generally speaking). Efficiency also important you can break blocks faster and work faster. Mending can repair your Pickaxe using XP while mining ores (if you don’t mind the XP).

Silky Jewel: Mod: Tinkers' Construct Description: Adding a large glob of aluminum brass or gold and a bunch of string seems to give the tool silky-smooth properties. Effects-Allows blocks to be harvested directly-Scythes modified with Silky act as shears on blocks-Not compatible with Luck or Auto-Smelt Type: Single-Use Stackable: No Adds Trait(s) Silktouch

If disabling and enabling did not work, you can try reinstalling the driver. Typically, you will not get the touch screen drivers from your laptop manufacturer as Windows 10 installs a compatible generic driver from its catalog. As such, reinstalling the touch screen driver in Windows 10 is pretty easy. 1.

Silk touch is also ‌ [JE only] technically incompatible with the Looting and Luck of the Sea enchantments. Since Silk Touch cannot normally be applied to swords or fishing rods , this only affects enchanted books and creative mode anvil use.

Meaning, can i mine a diamond ore with a silk touch pick axe and then place it and mine it again with a pick axe that has both silk touch + Fortune in order to get two of the diamond ores? 8 comments. share. save. hide. report. 25% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by: best. level 1

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