What is neurological baby syndrome?

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Neurological disorders are diseases of the brain, spine and the nerves that connect them. Several factors can cause a neurological disorder to occur in a newborn, including genetics (passed down from parents to child), prematurity (born early) or difficulties during the baby's delivery.

Congenital neurological defects: These are a group of disorders present at birth, and they are mostly related to brain and spinal cord malformations. This could include neural tube defects that affect the spinal cord and brain or cause hydrocephalus (excess fluid in the brain).

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Neurological examination of the newborn (national medical…

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Shaken baby syndrome is a type of inflicted traumatic brain injury that happens when a baby is violently shaken. A baby has weak neck muscles and a large, heavy head. Shaking makes the fragile brain bounce back and forth inside the skull and causes bruising, swelling, and bleeding, which can lead to permanent, severe brain damage or death.

Typically, surviving babies with this syndrome may develop any of the following disabilities: Cerebral palsy Paralysis Vision loss or blindness Mental retardation Epilepsy Seizures

Stiff-baby syndrome is a familial disorder characterized by marked rigidity, with neonatal onset and gradual reduction during infancy, regurgitations, motor delay and attacks of stiffness.

Shaken Baby Syndrome Information Page What research is being done? The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), and other institutes of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), conduct research related to shaken baby syndrome in laboratories at the NIH and also support additional research through grants to major medical institutions across the country.

Shaken baby syndrome — also known as abusive head trauma, shaken impact syndrome, inflicted head injury or whiplash shake syndrome — is a serious brain injury resulting from forcefully shaking an infant or toddler. Shaken baby syndrome destroys a child's brain cells and prevents his or her brain from getting enough oxygen.

Shaken baby syndrome (SBS) is a type of brain injury that occurs when a baby or a toddler is shaken violently. This causes swelling, bruising and bleeding in the brain. The child may be further injured if he or she is thrown down onto a surface, which is known as shaken impact syndrome.

When it's shaken enough, two red Xs appear over the baby's eyes. Parents feared it mocked and even encouraged the Shaken Baby Syndrome or Abusive Head Trauma, where a baby suffers brain injuries because it is hit or dropped on its head.

This is a list of major and frequently observed neurological disorders (e.g., Alzheimer's disease), symptoms (e.g., back pain), signs (e.g., aphasia) and syndromes (e.g., Aicardi syndrome). There is disagreement over the definitions and criteria used to delineate various disorders and whether some of these conditions should be classified as mental disorders or in other ways.

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