Should you massage a bruised back?

Carlee Douglas asked a question: Should you massage a bruised back?
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  • Because somewhere online you read that massaging a bruise might actually make it heal quicker! By massaging and putting pressure on the area, you might inadvertently cause more damage to the already affected capillaries. In essence you could end up causing more bleeding and therefore more bruising as a result of massage.

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So, as long as the sensations are not like skin tearing (that’s an ugly pain for sure), you might choose to tolerate this kind of massage if it seems to be helping you. The choice is yours. In massage therapy, so much can be achieved while inflicting only good pain on patients that bad pain must be justified by vivid, quick, and somewhat lasting benefits — which is a high bar to clear.

Yes there might be some minor benefits to massaging a bruised area, but if you ask me, the negatives far outweigh the positives! This is the very reason I recommend not massaging a bruise. It makes way more sense to leave it be so that it heals completely!

You have increased chances of bruising after a massage if you are taking a blood thinner. Finally, to prevent bruising, have the massage performed by a professional. The truth is, a component or professional massage therapist should not cause any bruising during massage regardless of your condition or the type of massage.

If you are just a masseuse then thats different your not trained to deal with those type of issues and are there to make someone feel good less stress, then that should have no bruises attached, however some people bruise easily just by a gentle touch, so its not possible to say there never is bruising in any type of massage, but bruising caused by therapist who do deep work and not understanding what there doing but just causing heavy handed bruising is not good for the client or the ...

No, bruising is not normal. It does happen sometimes and is mostly due to injury to the blood vessels. In deep tissue massage a lot of pressure is applied to the muscle tissues by the therapist. The deep tissue massage can be a bit uncomfortable because of the extra pressure but it should never be painful.

What else can you do to get rid of bruises? Be sure to drink plenty of fluid during your injury rehabilitation. The extra fluid will help to flush a lot of the... Also, I recommend you purchase a special ointment to use for your massage called FEELGOOD Natural Pain Cream. This... Gentle stretching ...

But you should also be careful not to overdo it, especially if you have serious bruises or other back problems. I used to hang like that to relieve sore muscles and it generally worked, but if you have bruising or other more serious issues, you should definitely visit a doctor.

You may want to massage the sore spot when you’re resting, but it’s a bad idea. That can make the injured spot worse. You may break more blood vessels under the skin and make the bruised area ...

If you have pulled a muscle in your back, you should make your own pain-relieving massage oil to help heal a pulled back muscle. This is what you should do: Mix 4 drops each of rosemary, peppermint, and lavender essential oils with 1 oz. carrier oil such as sweet almond oil .

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