Should my tattoo peel after 3 days?

Luciano Wisozk asked a question: Should my tattoo peel after 3 days?
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The peeling often occurs about three to four days after you first get the tattoo. "As the epidermis sheds, the skin often develops a whitish, cracked and hazy appearance before subsequently peeling off," Dr. Lin says. The peeling normally resolves one to two weeks later.

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When Does Peeling Start? New tattoos will peel towards the end of the first week of healing, normally between days 5 and 7, although you may see signs of peeling after only three days. Again, this will be slightly different for everyone, but you should be seeing at least the start of the peeling phase beginning by the end of the first week.

But after a couple of days, it should start to tighten up and dry out, and roughly two or three days from the application is when you’ll start to see this peeling process begin. Cue the itchiness,...

During the peeling process, unless you’ve decided to take on the dry healing method it’s essential that you keep your tattoo moisturized. For the first three days after you get your tattoo, you should be cleaning your tattoo and washing, drying, and putting ointment on it regularly.

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Laser Tattoo Removal Before And After | The Untattoo Parlor - Pain Free Tattoo Removal from I got a tattoo on my foot 3 weeks ago and it just started peeling a couple days ago. Unscented and mild lotions are great for a few weeks after your tattoos start healing to keep it from getting dry.

Finally, you should keep your tattoo away from direct sun exposure for at least 3-4 until it heals. UV radiation can be very damaging to tattoos, especially while they’re still healing. You should also be careful once the tattoo has finished healing, too. Do this by always ensuring you wear at least SPF 30+ sunscreen.

Tattoo peeling, when it happens and how, varies from one person to the other. Some people’s tattoos start peeling after 3 or 4 days, while others experience tattoo peeling only after a week, up to 10 days. Some people’s tattoos don’t peel at all, ever. Tattoos peeling late or not peeling at all doesn’t have to be a sign something is wrong.

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It is vital that you Do Not itch/scratch/pick the tattoo as it is peeling. Keep your tattoo moisturized as the tattoo is peeling. When in the shower, use antibacterial soap and gently apply it to the peeling area to remove fragments of skin. In my experience the peeling stage doesn’t last too long, generally I go through this stage for a week – no more than two weeks.

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