Planet fitness can your guest go without you?



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10 reasons you should cancel your planet fitness membership

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Guests typically have to show ID. Guests have to be 18+ or 13+ with a parent or guardian. In the cases where a guardian must be present, ID may not be required. Guests are also only allowed access to gym equipment and not the amenities area.

  • For the guest to come in and workout without a parent they need to be at least 18 years of age. This means once in they are going to be free to roam away from the member and perform their own private workout. Planet Fitness does allow for children 13 years of age or older as long as they are there with their parent and under direct supervision.

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You can bring one guest per day. No limit on how many times the same guest can join you. A guest can workout with you but cannot do massage or tanning. They need to show ID and sign in. Not sure if they contact them to push memberships at some point or not.

If you bump up the "black card" membership, you have a few advantages: 1) you can go to any Planet Fitness in the country to work out, 2) you can bring one guest with you each time you are there, and 3) you have access to the tanning beds and massage chairs/beds.

You can find your Annual Membership Fee date in your Member Agreement. The Annual Membership Fee is fully earned when received and is non-refundable. If your monthly membership has a minimum term, and you wish to cancel your membership before the end of the term for reasons other than those listed in your membership agreement, a $58 buyout fee is required.

You can transfer your membership online with just a few clicks, starting here (you’ll need your Planet Fitness keytag number). A few things to be aware of before you transfer: You have to have been a member at one location for at least ninety days, you must have a monthly (not annual) membership, and you can’t owe any outstanding dues or fees at your current club.

When you do the math, one black card membership for a year comes out to $23.33 a month. Two regular memberships, even with 2 $40/year fees only comes out to $26.66 a month. Extra $3.33 a month is not a huge difference.

The answer is that you are allowed to visit any Planet Fitness location (with a Black Card) that is not your "home gym" 10x in a calendar month. Anything over that will incur a per visit franchise fee from the gym you go to on the 11th to Xth time that month.

To me it's more of you have a guest with you and you're expected to keep your guest by your side. But if you want to go tan then you need to ask them to leave. If you want to go get a massage y ou have to ask them to leave. It's not like you can go tan they can work out... and if you ride together it's just silly.

The use of all Planet Fitness logos is prohibited without consent. Junior member’s free access benefit, which is associated with the main membership, will end on their 18th birthday. Checking your Health Status: Before you start exercising confirm with your healthcare provider if you have any health risks.

Yes, you can bring the same guest or a different guest into Planet Fitness. All you need to do is sign your guest to the front desk of Planet Fitness. -: Also Check :-

Planet Fitness Guest Pass [ad type=”vlink”] Due to the cheap pricing of Planet Fitness memberships, it is generally not worthwhile to obtain a one day pass for $20, since their Top tier Black Card membership is only $19.99. It is advisable to chat with a Planet Fitness associate who can guide you through your options as a guest member.

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