Northern part of which silk was cultivated?

Sylvia Ortiz asked a question: Northern part of which silk was cultivated?
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The production of silk originated in Neolithic period China within the Yangshao culture (4th millennium BC).


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đź’„ Part of which silk was cultivated?

  • Originally, human beings harvested wild silk to make rudimentary fabrics. While worms spin silk in the wild in parts of China, India, and Europe, wild silk is never available in large enough quantities to satisfy the needs of full-blown textile production. Cultivation of domesticated silk originated in China.

đź’„ Which is better cultivated silk or wild silk?

  • Cultivated silk is a narrow fiber with no markings. It is generally superior, having the qualities of elasticity and durability. 2. Wild silk: Wild silk is coarse, thick form, which appears flattened. It is a broader fiber with fine waves, longitudinal lines running across its surface, giving it a dark hue under the microscope.

đź’„ What is cultivated silk?

  • Cultivated Silk – silk that is harvested from worms raised in captivity. Cultivated silk is the highest quality silk because great care is taken to ensure the silk filament threads harvested are not broken resulting in long and durable silk thread that is very strong – the strongest natural fiber in the world.

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A symbol for silk was part of the Chinese written language at the time of Huang-ti and Si-ling, about 2600 BC. Although silk cultivation began in China and …

Silkworms (incorrectly spelled silk worms) are the larval form of the domesticated silk moth, Bombyx mori. The silk moth was domesticated in its native habitat of …

The Role of the Silk Roads in the Cultivation of the Modern Apple. Fruits, vegetables, grains, spices, and other seasonings passed from region to region along the …

The original wild ancestor of this cultivated species is believed to be Bombyx mandarina Moore, a silk moth living on the white mulberry tree and unique to China.

The Silk Road was and is a network of trade routes connecting the East and West; from the 2nd century BCE to the 18th century CE it was central to the economic …

The Japanese also love silk and started cultivating and weaving silk in the earlier age than the western countries. According to the Records of the Three Kingdoms, a …

Origins and spread of Eurasian fruits traced to the ancient Silk Road. by Max Planck Society. Excavations at the medieval site of Tashbulak are co-directed by Michael …

Mica is mined mainly along the northern fringe of the Bihar Plateau comprising northern part of Hazaribagh district and southern fringes of Gaya, Monghyr and Bhagalpur …

North Bangalore, the upcoming site of a $20 million "Silk City" Ramanagara and Mysore, contribute to a majority of silk production in Karnataka. [27] Antheraea …

Silk in the Indian subcontinent is a luxury good. In India, about 97% of the raw mulberry silk is produced in the Indian states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil …

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