No man's sky where to find star silk?

Vallie Homenick asked a question: No man's sky where to find star silk?
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No Man's Sky Guide | Where can I find Star Silk? As a manufactured item, Star Silk can't be found naturally. It can't be crafted, either, so your only option for obtaining Star Silk is to head to a Galactic Trade Terminal in a star systems with either a medium-wealth or a high-wealth Trade Economy.

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No Man's Sky. Still can't find star silk! User Info: ConcordeBA6. ConcordeBA6 2 years ago #1. I had heard that after patch 1.55, it would be easier to find at space stations in purple systems, well, I'm calling BS! I have been to dozens upon dozens of purple systems, I have checked galactic trade terminals as well as talked to many different ship ...

I think you need to find and install the economy scanner and on the galactic map you have to be in the economic filter to find purple system with Advanced materials. The star silks should be a trade commodity in space station terminal. If I remember well from Atlas Rises.

Wiki says they are found on purple systems but my god i have visit atleast 7 now and nothing, either they are super rare or im just unlucky.....and all of this just to make some chairs :/. User Info: silver96camaro. silver96camaro 2 years ago #2.

You can buy it in space stations since 1.55. 1. level 1. Dhoof. 2 years ago. While they are useful descriptions just look for the pocket watch with economy scanner and economy filter on in the galaxy map. I would recommend the wealthier systems. 1. level 1.

Star Silk can only be found in one particular type of planetary economy, so in this No Man’s Sky how to find Star Silk guide, we’ll cover which economy Star Silk is available in, how to build ...

Star Silk can be purchased from Galactic Trade Terminals in all medium-wealth and high-wealth Trading Economy star systems. It is also obtainable in some, but not all, low-wealth systems with this Economy .

I found Star Silk in one of the Large Artifact boxes. I should have kept it. It was worth 500k units though.

Where to get star silk? Went to make chairs for my base and it requires star silk. Any clue on where to get it. 1 comment.

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