New tattoo bruising: should you be worried about it?

Lloyd Jacobson asked a question: New tattoo bruising: should you be worried about it?
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But don't worry, most bruises disappear within a week or so. It's usually nothing to get freaked out about. Tattoo bruising is normally harmless and won't do any lasting damage to your precious tattoo.

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Conclusion. A new tattoo bruising is nothing to be worried about generally. It’s your body’s normal reaction to getting punctured by tiny needles thousands of times. It will clear up on its own eventually, but if you want it to disappear faster, follow the tips outlined in this article.

Tattoo bruising isn’t something you should always expect to see, but it isn’t rare, either; and it’s definitely something you shouldn’t worry about in most cases. The majority of the time, tattoo bruising will be completely harmless to both yourself and the final appearance of your tattoo.

Yes, absolutely. Depending on where on your body it is and how large it is, a new tattoo can have a fair amount of bruising around it. This is especially pronounced on your limbs. If you’re really worried, send a picture to your artist and they’ll tell you if it’s something to be worried about or not.

Swelling and bruising from a new and normally-healing tattoo should be minimal. It will spread a few centimetres from the edge of the tattoo and will have light coloured bruising, which will occur over a short period of time.

New Tattoo Bruising: Should You Be Worried About It? If it’s your first time getting inked and you suddenly see a bruise developing around the tattoo, you may immediately think that something’s wrong… perhaps, the wound’s infected or you’ve got an allergic reaction going …

Do you bruise easily? If you are worried about it ring the tattoo artist. I would imagine it's not a huge deal

It's normal for a new tattoo to swell, but if you find that the swelling increases over three to five days instead of decreasing, or begins to extend past the tattoo a fair distance, there's definitely a problem. 2. Heat. An infection might feel hot to the touch.

It's not uncommon for a new tattoos to bruise slightly, but excessive bruising could mean there's a problem. This article describes everything you need to know about tattoo bruising

The redness of your tattoo should go away within a couple of days after getting the new ink. It should start lightening in color hours after your session then disappears a few days later. However, it should also be noted that because not everyone heals at the same pace, some might experience redness for a bit longer than others. If you have sensitive skin, this might be the case. How Do You Know If You’re Allergic To Red Tattoo Ink?

Hi, Emilee. You should contact your doctor who knows your medical history, current conditions and medications. All of these can play into where your bruises might be coming from and if you should be concerned. Thank you for reading Shine365.-Kirstie

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