National guard tattoo policy for 2021: what is and isn't allowed?

Daisha Strosin asked a question: National guard tattoo policy for 2021: what is and isn't allowed?
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The National Guard follows the U.S. Army policy for tattoos, which has loosened its regulations and now allows body art on the legs, but limits tattoos from the head and hands. The only exception is a single ring tattoo per hand.

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The National Guard tattoo policy for 2021 follows the path of the Army tattoo policy. The guidelines are the same with the ability to appeal or request extensions on a case-by-case basis. General guidelines include no tattoos on the head, face, neck, hands.

In a nutshell, the Coast Guard tattoo policy can be summarized as follows: There aren’t any restrictions on the size, amount, or coverage of tattoos. With that said, tattoos are NOT allowed on the neck, face, or head, and limited on the hands. Half and full sleeve tattoos ARE allowed.

Generally, the Army's tattoo policy allows most tattoos (with the exception of those that fall into the "offensive" categories above) but forbids most of those that would be visible in uniform. The Army regulations do, however, allow one ring tattoo on each hand, although it must not extend beyond where a ring naturally would rest on your finger (between the lowest knuckle and your hand).

Tattoos are not allowed on the sleeves, the legs and arms of the soldiers. The tattoo must not be visible on any part of the body of the soldier that is exposed while wearing any of the military uniforms. The army bans having a tattoo on the head, neck, and face. Tattoos above the shirt collar (class A) are not allowed.

National Guard Bureau Joint Information Technology Portfolio Management dated 24 May 2021. Supersedes CNGBI 6000.001 dated 26 September 2016: CNGBI 1400.25 Vol. 630: National Guard Technician and Civilian Personnel Absence and Leave Program dated 23 April 2021. Supersedes CNGBI 1400.25 Vol 630 dated 06 August 2018: NGB DTM 3005.00

Soldiers are still not allowed to have tattoos on their neck, head, face, wrists or hands. The exception is a ring tattoo on each hand, Dailey said. Also banned are tattoos that are sexist, racist...

The Navy is easing its tattoo policy in a bid to recruit and retain more sailors from the millennial generation, of whom more than 1 in 3 sport body art. Sailors will be allowed to have neck...

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