Name the synthetic fibre which resembles silk?

Sammy Gutmann asked a question: Name the synthetic fibre which resembles silk?
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Acrylic is the synthetic fibre which resemble silk and wool. It is also known as artificial wool or synthetic wool.

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Rayon resembles silk, so it is also known as artificial silk. Rayon can be dyed in different colours and is much cheaper than silk.

Artificial silk or art silk is any synthetic fiber which resembles silk, but typically costs less to produce. Frequently, “artificial silk” is just a synonym for rayon. When made out of bamboo viscose it is also sometimes called bamboo silk.

Types of Synthetic Fibers. Synthetic fibres are of four types, namely: Rayon; Nylon; Polyester; Acrylic; Rayon. Rayon has properties similar to those of silk. It is a man-made fibre and cheaper than silk. It is obtained from wood pulp. It is infused with cotton or wool to prepare bedsheets and carpets respectively. It is also known as artificial silk and can be dyed in a wide variety of colours. Also Read: Variety in Fabric. Nylon

A synthetic fiber that looks like silk is obtained by chemical treatment of wood pup. this synthetic fiber is rayon and The common name for Rayon is cellular fiber.

Rayon is called the artificial silk as its texture resembles silk. Name the monomer of nylon? Nylon is a polyamide fibre (polymer) prepared by the polymerization of large number of amide molecules (monomers).

Rayon is known as artificial silk as this fibre resembles silk in properties. It is obtained by chemical treatment of wood pulp of cotton. Therefore, option C is correct. Answer verified by Toppr

Acrylic is the synthetic fiber which resembles wool in its properties. 3. Comments. Dislike Bookmark. Neel . Qualified (Engg from NIT) & experienced mentor with 6+ yrs experience. 23/03/2016. Acrylic. 1.

Fibres of _____ resemble that of silk and hence, it is popularly known as ‘artificial silk’. A. acrylic. B. polyester. C. rayon. D. nylon. Answer: (C) rayon. Solution: Rayon was developed as an alternative for silk. It is prepared by the chemical processing of wood pulp or cellulose.

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