Massage for spinal stenosis?

Randal Schiller asked a question: Massage for spinal stenosis?
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  • Several types of massage are excellent for alleviating the symptoms of spinal stenosis. Deep tissue massage can help to release built-up tension in muscles, tendons and ligaments, greatly releasing the pressure on the spine.

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Swedish Massage – Traditional Swedish massage can be very effective in the reduction of pain caused by spinal stenosis. Depending on the severity of the stenosis, massage can range anywhere from light effleurage to deep cross friction techniques.

Massage therapy for spinal stenosis can include: Deep tissue massage — A massage therapist can pinpoint the location of symptoms and use direct pressure to release... Craniosacral therapy — This is an alternative treatment that uses therapeutic touch involving gentle manipulation of... Swedish ...

Mild spinal stenosis can usually withstand massage, though no deep work should be administered. Massage may aggravate pain caused by nerve compression and care should be taken with regard to pressure. It is important to solicit feedback from clients with regard to possible worsening of pain.

Why massage therapy offers effective symptomatic relief for spinal stenosis Living with spinal stenosis. For those living with this painful condition, everyday activities, such as household... Massage therapy for spinal stenosis. Several types of massage are excellent for alleviating the symptoms of ...

Conditions such as arthritis and cervical stenosis, a tightness of the muscles in the neck area, can respond nicely to massage techniques that rely on gentle...

Spinal canal stenosis is also measured, lower than 10Mm more than 5mm spinal canal stenosis; generally speaking, massage can be used to carry out the massage. In general, massage instrument massage is aimed at both sides of the muscles to carry out massage relaxation, can reasonably improve the disease.

Massage Chairs Bring Relief of Spinal Stenosis In response to our recent post about the benefits of massage chairs for aching legs and feet, a client wrote us with a question about a source of very specific and troubling chronic pain: spinal stenosis.

There are many treatment options for spinal stenosis depending on the severity of the case, such as pain-relieving medications, steroid injections, and surgical decompression procedures. However, with the appropriate movements and exercise regimen such as with massage therapy and physical therapy, much of that pressure can often be relieved.

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