Jobs you can get with fitness performance and conditioning major?

Jackeline Mraz asked a question: Jobs you can get with fitness performance and conditioning major?
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  • A degree in this field can take you to heights that range from high school sports and fitness instructors to collegiate and professional sports. Strength and conditioning coaches are, in a nutshell, physical performance professionals who use exercise prescription to improve the performance of athletes.

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If you’re interested in pursuing a career in strength and conditioning, here are some of the top career opportunities which may interest you. Strength and Conditioning Coach; Athletic Trainer; Exercise Physiologist; Physical Therapist; 1. Strength and Conditioning Coach. The most obvious of the jobs, a strength and conditioning coach has an average salary of $48,200 and is exactly what the degree entails.

A master's degree program helps exercise physiologists advance in their careers and give a competitive advantage in the field. The medium annual wages for exercise physiologists was $49,170 in 2019. The highest 10 percent of employees earn more than $75,000 per year.

With a degree in exercise science, careers tend to be either in fitness, human performance, research, teaching, administrative or business roles. An example of this would be a strength and conditioning specialist who works with athletes to optimize physical capacity in sports. Whether you’re interested in healthcare or human performance, there’s a career out there to suit your interests and professional needs.

The practical training would include participation in various sports and internships; depending on your area of interest, you could get first-hand experience as an intern at a fitness or rehabilitation center, nutrition clinic or sports facility. Master's and doctoral degree programs are also available.

Professional Strength and Conditioning Coaches can earn salaries in the range of $60,000 to $80,000. Exercise Physiologist Jobs. An Exercise Physiologist is a sports scientist. Using research with athletes, film, video and computers, you can analyze athletics, sports and the human body and discover how to get the best possible performance.

This field can open up doors to many different careers. You could work with athletes to improve their fitness and performance levels, use your knowledge of biomechanics to help manufacture athletic equipment in a way that optimizes performance or work as a professor or advisor in academia.

They are the head-honchos of their facility, ensuring that fitness areas remain tidy and facility members enjoy their experience. Additionally, they also oversee the development of fitness coaches, new fitness programs, and manage fitness associates. Fitness Directors at Town Sports International can earn up to nearly $75,000 a year. 8 of 9

10. Fitness magazine editor-in-chief. Average salary: $85,000. Education: Bachelor of journalism helpful, but not required. Being an editor at a fitness magazine means always having the inside ...

2,245 Strength Conditioning jobs available on Apply to Personal Trainer and more!

An exercise physiologist studies the human body's physiology during exercise and physical exertion. 2. Coach. With their formal training in anatomy and sport psychology, as well as their strong interpersonal skills, kinesiology graduates are ideal candidates for many coaching careers.

Are you looking to turn your passion for fitness, health and wellness into a career? Getting an exercise science degree is a great way to advance your job prospects in this growing field. Exercise science degrees give you foundational knowledge and a flexible skill set to pursue careers in a range of fields.

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