Is soy safe for kids?

Jeffrey Luettgen asked a question: Is soy safe for kids?
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Is soy healthy for children?

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  • While experts do wonder whether too much soy could contribute to early puberty in girls or to the feminization of boys’ reproductive systems, more research is needed on this issue also. But again, experts have found that a moderate amount of soy milk is healthy for kids.


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Is soy safe for our kids

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Researchers say that one serving of soy foods per day is about right for kids. That's roughly 5 to 10 grams of soy protein and the equivalent of 1 cup of soy milk, ½ cup of cooked soybeans, or ½ ...

Yes, soy is safe for kids and can be part of a healthy balanced diet for boys, girls, and families! Soy, along with a variety of legumes and other plant-based foods can be part of a healthy kids’ diet.

Is it safe for children to drink soy milk? A. Soy and soy milk do contain molecules that interact with estrogen receptors and therefore have weak, estrogen-like effects. However, because these effects are weak, the molecules may actually act like anti-estrogens by competing with the body's natural estrogens when estrogen levels are high.

Children ages 3 years or younger may benefit from being fed soy milk formulas over cow-milk-based formulas. The National Institutes of Health's MedlinePlus reports that soy formulas help such children experience fewer cases of diarrhea and less frequent bowel movements, potentially because of soy milk's fiber content.

Soy milk does not contain the nutrients that children need for their growth. In fact, the idea that soy milk is healthy, in and of itself, is a complete myth. Feeding your baby soy milk will lead to severe vitamin, mineral, fatty acid and amino acid deficiencies that can clearly be deadly.

So for infants that are fed only soy formula, they have much higher soy exposure levels than do toddlers or adults who consume a variety of foods and less soy as a percentage of their diets. Also, infants go through developmental stages that are sensitive to estrogens.

Cons of Soy Milk for Toddlers. Possible Allergen. It is possible for your toddler to have an allergic reaction to soy. Symptoms of a food allergy include: Rash; Runny nose; Wheezing; Diarrhea ...

While some soy milks contain a little more calcium than cow’s milk, they also contain natural compounds called phytates, which can interfere with your child’s ability to absorb calcium. If your little one is drinking soy milk instead of cow’s milk, ask your pediatrician whether you should add other calcium-rich foods like spinach and fortified cereals to her diet.

Reviewed on 3/9/2010. When you consider that millions of men in China, Japan and other Asian countries have had soy foods in their daily diets from earliest childhood, you can appreciate that the plant estrogens they contain have no discernible effect on male sexual development, and no feminizing effects at all.

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