Is rain water clean on clothes?

Americo Rohan asked a question: Is rain water clean on clothes?
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Wash your laundry with rainwater! Rainwater contains no limescale-causing minerals. Compared with tap water, you will therefore need considerably less detergent.

While the occasional light shower may not be a problem for your washing, it it rains for a couple of days you will probably need to rewash or rinse your laundry to avoid a whiffy odour… That can happen within two days, and yes you probably will need to re-wash it, or put it through a rinse cycle.

Rain softens the in a way it's beneficial. The biggest problem could be the weight of the water could stretch the clothes where the pegs attach to the clothes. rain water contains alot of pollution which contaminates clothes. Rainwater is probably better cleaner than tap water.

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