How to test the water at a swim spa?

Geovany Stoltenberg asked a question: How to test the water at a swim spa?
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  • If your family spends the day in the swim spa, the free chlorine might test below total chlorine, resulting in a more frequent need to use an oxidizer/non-chlorine shock treatment. Test water using chemical test strips. Adjust alkalinity, pH, and sanitizer accordingly.

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Thursday: On the first day you will test the spa water using pool and spa test strips. Use a good spa test strip that allows you to test for pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness and Chlorine/Bromine. Follow your test strip instructions for dipping and reading the strip.[/notice]

Check spa water with a test strip for proper pH and sanitation levels. Adjust accordingly to the proper levels of 7.4 – 7.6 pH and 2 – 4 ppm free chlorine. People should not enter the spa if the water is cloudy, if total chlorine levels are above 5ppm, or if no chlorine levels are present.

In order to test at home, you will need: 3 containers 13 cups of regular tap water 3 drops of liquid chlorine bleach *please note that if bleach is more than 3 months old, it may be too old to provide an accurate test

Start by allowing your spa water to circulate by using your bubbling system or jets for 1 to 2 minutes. Once you believe your water is properly circulated, use a clean plastic bucket to take a sample of the water. Use your testing strip by dipping the test pad into the water, and let sit in water for about 15 seconds.

Adding tablets to a floater or a dispensing device may sound easy, but you must continue to test the water and remove the tablets once a hot tub has reached the proper sanitation levels. Now for our initial startup of our hot tub, we want our free chlorine levels to be higher than what is best for daily use to ensure for proper startup sanitation of the water and components.

This video is an Introduction to basic water testing for swimming pools. We hope that this video will encourage homeowners that testing your water is simple ...

Dissolve in warm spa water, or slowly sprinkle into spa. Run jets for 15 mins without air after adjusting chemicals and leave cover off during this time. Remove pillows when shocking water. Use your water treatment TEST STRIPS, on a daily basis. Dip one test strip into the water in your spa and hold it under water 2” for a couple of seconds.

Ever so cool, lean forward and palming the test strip so it’s not visible, move your hand (and strip) back and forth in the water for 10 seconds (or whatever time the test strips suggest), and then get up and return to your chair, and compare the results.

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