How to put swim spa in ground?

Winnifred Hyatt asked a question: How to put swim spa in ground?
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  • PREPARE THE INSTALLATION AREA. Once you’ve found the right model for you, it’s time to bring it home and have it installed…
  • EXCAVATION. For an in-ground swim spa installation, a cavity must be dug out for the spa to be lowered into…
  • HIRE AN ELECTRICIAN AND PLUMBER. Accessing the expert services of both an electrician and a plumber can help to ensure that this installation doesn’t damage any existing underground pipes or ...
  • LAY CONCRETE. Once the cavity where the swim spa will be placed has been dug out and is good to go, it’s time to lay the concrete.

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For an in-ground swim spa installation, a cavity must be dug out for the spa to be lowered into. This cavity will likely be about 1 foot wider than the dimensions of your swim spa, to allow the equipment to lower and place the spa effectively. This surrounding area can easily be filled once the swim spa is in place. HIRE AN ELECTRICIAN AND PLUMBER

Difference Between Above Ground and Inground Swim Spas. Above ground swim spas are self-contained, pre-plumbed units that are delivered to your home pre-assembled and in one piece. They are placed in the location of your choice and can be installed both outdoors or indoors. One of the disadvantages to above ground swim spas is that they can tend to be bulky and if not properly integrated into their surroundings, they can stick out.

In-Ground Swim Spa: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Installation Vault Preparation. Deb and Al chose a recessed installation for their swim spa. This would allow the couple to enjoy the... Swim Spa Delivery. A swim spa can be delivered via a forklift or a crane, depending on access to your backyard. A ...

The install engineers check once the swim spa is in position to ensure things are level and true. Joists for the decking are put into position ready for the timber to be laid on top. With the decking in place, the runners for the sliding cover are installed, followed by the cover itself.

We love the idea of constructing a deck around your partially in-ground swim spa! A raised deck can create an in-ground appearance without the excavation costs. Entering your swim spa directly from your deck makes for quick and easy access, especially when built off the side of a house. Just imagine waking up every morning and walking from your bedroom and into your own personal aquatic fitness system… In-Ground Swim Spa Installation

(A great trick to give an above ground swim spa an in ground appearance is to build up a decking area around it once it is installed. Get the decking installed just higher than the height of your spa. The end result is a beautiful decking area without the hassle of an in ground installation.) In Ground Installation

Swim Spa Installation Your swim spa will need to be delivered and a crane will be required to carefully hoist the spa over any barriers, such as your house, and gently place into the pit. This usually involves at least 4 or 5 workers to ensure that the spa is guided in a smooth, controlled fashion and placed into the pit with the utmost care.

Typically, in-ground swim spas are installed via modular components, which can allow for customization options. Swim spas can also be installed into a deck. A pre-built shell can be used to drop into a cut-out and will still have a seamless look, but typically for less cost than an in-ground install. In-ground Swim Spa vs. Pool

However, the surface under the pads needs to be properly leveled and compacted to prevent the swim spa from shifting as the ground settles. But it’s important that you do not install a swim spa on grass or an uneven surface. Do not try to “shim” your swim spa by placing objects underneath to make it level.

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