How soon can you eat after a juice cleanse?

Alexie Gutmann asked a question: How soon can you eat after a juice cleanse?
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During the three days after completing your juice cleanse, follow a diet similar to the pre-cleanse diet. You can eat organic fruits and green vegetables the first day after your juice cleanse. On the second day, add brown rice, eggs and yogurt. Add chicken, fish or meat to the diet starting 5–6 days after the fast.

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It is best to eat in this manner for the three days following your last day of juice cleansing. Post-cleanse, don’t simply dive right back into old habits of making poor food choices, but take the opportunity to start anew, focusing your diet on plant-based, green vegetable-rich meals. A Day’s Worth of Post-Cleanse Recipes

Before and After a Cleanse Juice fasts and cleanses often last several days, and many recommend easing in and easing out of the diet rather than suddenly stopping or starting regular eating. A sudden cessation of eating can be a shock to the system, and eating suddenly after a period of time fasting can cause discomfort and throw the system off.

The first few days after a juice cleanse is all about maximizing its benefits by incorporating healthier foods back into your diet. After a couple days of a juice-based diet, getting back to solid foods can be a bit of a challenge, so take some time to ease your body back into your regular diet.

The first time I did a cleanse, I did not allow myself to cheat at all except a piece of gum on two of the days. Now, I’m a little more lenient with myself having a 1/4 avocado, 10 raw unsalted almonds or cashews or 1/2 a cucumber after my last juice but at least 2 hours before bed. It helped me sleep better.

You can re-introduce them into your diet later on. Decide whether or not you're ready to eat meat and fish. For example, you may eat cooked, minced meat and light flaked tuna in the first few days after breaking a juice fast. Start with small quantities to see how your body reacts.

The easiest way to prevent bingeing after a cleanse is to ensure that you eat or drink every three hours. The snacks and meals you choose should include both a protein and a healthy fat, as the combination will help keep you satiated for longer periods of time.

After a juice cleanse, you’ll be slowly transitioning from liquid food to a solid food diet. Feeding the “good” bacteria that line your digestive tract will make this process easier on the body while also reinforcing the beneficial effects of the cleanse.

This meal will act as a way to maintain the balanced pH that your body has achieved during your juice cleanse. You have two options for your first meal back: You could make a light, nutritious bowl of fruit. You’ll want to be sure to include mostly citric acid fruits.

You decided to go on a juice cleanse for one of the many reasons people do. Perhaps your digestive system needed a break or you wanted to detox. It’s even possible that you just wanted to have the bragging rights – endeavoring to consume naught but liquid for three or more days is something you should feel accomplished completing.

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