How old are octomoms kids?

Corene Abbott asked a question: How old are octomoms kids?
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Octomom's kids are growing up fast

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The octuplets—Noah, Jonah, Jeremiah, Josiah, Isaiah, Makai, Nariyah and Maliyah Suleman—are now 11 years old, and Natalie reports that the family is thriving.


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Video answer: Octomom's kids celebrate their 10th birthday

Octomom's kids celebrate their 10th birthday

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'Octomom' Nadya Suleman Is a Proud Mom of 14: See Her Kids Today! Jennifer Aniston Braless: See Pics of Her Not Wearing a Bra Look How Much the Little Couple's Kids Will and Zoey Have Grown Up

Suleman, who became known as "Octomom" in the tabloids after she made headlines for her pregnancy with 8 babies, is marking the kids' 11th birthday with cake and lots of smiles.

Octomom's Kids Celebrate Their 11th Birthday & Seriously, Where Did The Time Go? By Lilee Williams Published Jan 29, 2020 Nadya Suleman's octuplets turned 11 years old this year and it had us wondering what this family has been up to over these years? Multiples have become the newest reality celebrities.

Children. 14. Parents. Edward Doud Suleman (father) Angela Victoria Suleman (née Stanaitis) (mother) Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman (born Natalie Denise Suleman; July 11, 1975), known as Octomom in the media, is an American media personality who came to international attention when she gave birth to octuplets in January 2009.

The woman dubbed Octomom has a total of 14 kids. Her other six kids—Elijah, Amerah, Joshua, Aidan, and twins Alyssa and Caleb—were born within a span of five-and-a-half years, all before the ...

Nadya Suleman, known to the world as "Octomom", has given fans a rare glimpse into life with her family after sharing a snap of her eight youngest celebrating their 11th birthday. Taking to...

Octomom’s famous kids are 12 now. On Jan. 26, Nadya took to Instagram to share a photo of the octuplets — Noah, Maliyah, Nariyah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jonah, Josiah, and Makai — on their 12th birthday. And they look so grown up.

Eight of Octomom Nadya Suleman's children are now in fifth grade. Here's a look at their lives now.

The octuplets— Noah, Jonah, Jeremiah, Josiah, Isaiah, Makai, Nariyah and Maliyah Suleman —are now 11 years old, and Natalie reports that the family is thriving. Read on to see what the octuplets look like now. Natalie shared a Mother's Day post of the octuplets and one of her older daughters.

Nadya Suleman, 45, called her octuplets 'the most kind, caring, and respectful kids I have ever known' in a birthday Instagram post on Tuesday. She also has six older kids.

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"octomom" on the everyday chaos of caring for 14 children