How much do you tip a spa staff?

Dalton Schiller asked a question: How much do you tip a spa staff?
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What spa staff wants you to do: Masseuses appreciate a 20 percent tip and like it even more if given in cash. That's because if you tip on your credit card, most spas will pay that tip out with the therapist's weekly or biweekly paycheck.

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Tipping for Spa Services It'd be nice to be able to provide one amount that'd fit every spa service situation, but it doesn't work that way. A range of between 15 to 20 percent of the total bill is often referenced as fair, but that doesn't tell the whole story.

And if you want, you can also leave a small tip ($1- $5) for the helpful attendant who showed you around the spa. Spa Staff: Pay 10-20 percent for services rendered, and pay $1-5 to the staff attend who shows you around the spa... if so desired.

A suggested rate for a tip is between 10 and 20 per cent of the treatment cost. Some spas, such as Ragdale, have a system of pool tipping: they add an optional 2-3 per cent to your total bill which is then shared amongst all the staff. A very civilised arrangement. Of course, if you don't feel you had good service, you don't have to tip. In that case, a quiet word with the spa manager to explain why might be appreciated.

How much to tip manicurist: 18-20 percent, advises Smith. How much to tip spa services: 20 percent, advises Masini. How much to tip a massage therapist: 20 percent, advises Smith. However, you can...

Tipping practices here are the same as any spa or salon located off hotel property. At the hotel hair salon, tip 15 percent of the total bill for your stylist. If someone else washes your hair, you can tip them $2-5. If you get your nails done, tip your manicurist 15 percent of your total bill.

If the concierge arranges show tickets, tours, or spa appointments, tip $2-5. If they go above and beyond, like getting you a table at the hottest restaurant in town, tip $10-20. You can tip the staff at the front desk if they help set up something special for you, such as supplying complimentary champagne for your anniversary.

If you patron your local medical spa for a service that is traditionally performed at a day spa or salon, tipping the standard 10-20% may be appropriate.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Spain For room service staff, the tip amount never exceeds 1 to 2 Euros. Housekeeping staff is most likely the highest paid in terms of tips. The amount usually ranges between 2 Euros and 5 Euros a day. says that the median salary in a city like Indianapolis for a hair salon and spa manager with less than a year of experience is $34,000, while a manager with five or more years of ...

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