How many orbeez go in foot spa?

Carmela Ondricka asked a question: How many orbeez go in foot spa?
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Feel the cascading waterfall of Orbeez on your feet. With a built-in strainer, heating your Orbeez is easy. The larger foot area makes the spa perfect for all ages to enjoy. Includes 2,000 Orbeez.

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After quickly soaking my feet in the foot spa, I noticed how soft they felt. My toes looked great. Now to use the Orbeez in my own home, I have to keep that in mind. With my Orbeez ultimate soothing spa, pack 1, foot spa, kids foot spa, and hand spa. You can use the Orbeez in your home spa day. I included the directions that come with my pack ...

Give your feet a treat with the soothing massage of the Orbeez Ultimate Spa. Feel the cascading waterfall of Orbeez on your feet. With a built-in strainer,...

Kids grow one to two packets of the Orbeez in a bowl of water for three to four hours or overnight. Once grown, drain the Orbeez and place them into the hand spa with some water. Turn on the hand spa and place your hands inside. The Orbeez will swirl around while water cascades down the waterfall.

The answer was to buy two of the Orbeez Foot Spas. Buying two spas may sound relatively simple, but it was most definitely not because each spa cost almost 50 pounds, which meant I was spending nearly 100 when everything was said and done.

This toy Orbeez soothing spa is totally awesome. We all liked it (me, my mini me and big bro) and had a great fun time. Thank you all for watching!Music:Care...

Give your feet a spa treatment with the pampering power of Orbeez®!The Orbeez Ultimate Soothing Foot Spa for kids comes with everything you need to give your...

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Quinnie's Fun House knows that everyone needs time to relax, including kids! Check out our Orbeez Ultimate Foot Spa Review & Unboxing. It's definitely a must...

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