How many children does judge mathis have?

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Judge judy has a crazy person come in... you won't believe what he does...

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He married his wife Linda Reese in 1985 and the couple is still together to date. They are parents to four children by the names of Amir, Greg Jr., Jade, and Camara Mathis.

  • (Lawyer, writer, actor, and producer) Judge Mathis is an American actor, producer. He was a judge of Michigan's 36th District Court. Judge is married since 1985 and has four children.


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  • Linda Reese was born on May 11th, 1963. She is best known as the wife to Judge Mathis Greg, a retired Michigan 36th District Court judge turned arbiter of the Daytime Emmy Award-winning, syndicated reality courtroom show, Judge Mathis.

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Personal life. Toler resides in Mesa, Arizona, with her husband, Eric Mumford. They married in 1989, and Toler has two sons and four stepsons.

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Former judge tracie hunter dragged out of the courtroom, ordered to serve six months in jail

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(Lawyer, writer, actor, and producer) Judge Mathis is an American actor, producer. He was a judge of Michigan's 36th District Court. Judge is married since 1985 and has four children.

Greg Mathis Wife, Family Mathis fell in love with a woman. Her name was Linda. She was a fellow friend when they studied in EMU. They got married in 1985, and till now, their relationship is going strong. They went to give birth to four of their children, two sons

Mathis met his wife, Linda, a fellow EMU student, shortly after his mother's death. They would go on to have four children together, a daughter Jade, born May 1985, daughter Camara, born October 1987, son Greg Jr. born January 1989 and son Amir, born July

When he was a student at the Eastern Michigan University, Judge Mathis met Linda Reese. They got married in 1985. They have four children named Amir, Camara, Jade, and Greg Mathis Jr. He is a member of the Democratic Party and has lobbied the city

The couple has four children who are now adults. The wedding of Mathis’s daughter, Camara, was one of the most expensive and stunning weddings ever. The bride donned a stunning wedding gown, and the setting was like a white wonderland. If an ideal wedding list had to exist, this one would be towards the top.

In addition, Linda and Greg gave birth to four beautiful children, Jade Mathis, Camara Mathis, and sons Greg Mathis Jr, Amir Mathis. Furthermore, the 61-year-old activist has become a grandfather. Currently, the Mathis family is living a quiet and happy life. Judge and his children are seen traveling and having dinners together.

Of the long list of court shows, the only programs still in production in the genre originating from the 1990s or prior are Divorce Court (1957), The People's Court (1981), and Judge Mathis (1999). Of those three, only Judge Mathis has not suffered temporary

Due to this, Mathis went on to be elected as a district court judge in 1995, which was particularly notable because he was still very young by the standards of most judges at that point in time. 7 ...

But aside from having a successful career as a judge, she is also a proud mother of three amazing daughters, Cristina Schlesinger born in 1996, Alexandra Schlesinger born in 1998, and Sofia Elena Schlesinger.

Judy's children — two biological and three stepchildren — are all grown and doing well. The mother of 5 has three of her children in her line of career. We have Nicole Sheindlin, a lawyer in charge of a mentorship program for high school senior girls. Next is Gregory Sheindlin.

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