How many children can you babysit?

Coty Kshlerin asked a question: How many children can you babysit?
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Legally, countries and states set their own laws about the maximum number of children that a babysitter can watch. There is no consensus between different locations, but it's safe to say that a babysitter can certainly watch two children of any age.

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You can have at max 6 children at any point of time and it varies with the state to state. If you have more than one unrelated family, then you need a license. Let’s tackle first some of the important aspects of babysitting.

In the UK a babysitter can watch: A maximum of six children under the age of eight. Of those six, a maximum of three can be a "young child." According to UK law, a child is a "young child" until the September 1st that comes after their fifth birthday. In the US, the number of kids that a babysitter can watch varies widely from state to state.

Most states do not have laws specifying an age requirement for babysitting, and only some have guidelines for how old a child should be before they are left home alone. These guidelines range from six to 14 years. Below is a list of states with this guideline: Colorado: 12*. Delaware: 12*. Georgia: 8*.

But first, check with your regional government child agency (such as the local Children’s Aid Society) to make sure he or she is old enough, by law, to babysit. Depending on the province or territory, laws and guidelines range in terms of age (anywhere from 12 to 18), length of time left alone, whether they’re in charge of other children and even the time of day.

There is no minimum age at which children in the UK can be left on their own, nor do laws specify how old someone needs to be to babysit.

This can be easy or difficult depending on how old the kids are and how much time you want to put in. You can use anything in the household or bring your own material for the kids. Ideally, you want it to be easy enough for them to understand, yet challenging enough to keep them interested. For younger kids, you can use pictures instead of written clues, and for older kids, you can try simple riddles.

There are no specific rules about how old children have to be to babysit, because it depends on the child's maturity, judgment, responsibility, and motivation as well as the demands of the...

Number of children being cared for Keeping an eye on 1 child is a lot different than watching 2 or 3 or more kids. Pay should reflect this. Your babysitter needs to control a larger group, deal with kids interacting with each other, and be more aware of group dynamics than if she's watching 1 child.

By Cathie Ericson. One day, you think how nice it would be to go out without the hassle of finding a babysitter, and like a bolt of lightning it hits you: a 14 year can old babysit siblings. There is hardly a more gleeful day than when you realize your older kid is officially at an age to start babysitting.

“There’s no set age when kids are ready to babysit. It really depends on the age of the child and the availability of adult backup,” said Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD, a psychologist from New Jersey...

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