How does the signia silk 5nx hearing aid work?

Maxime Medhurst asked a question: How does the signia silk 5nx hearing aid work?
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  • The Signia Silk 5Nx is ready to wear on the spot thanks to its super-soft silicone sleeves that allow it to hide comfortably in your ear. The colour-coding of red for right and blue for left helps you to put the hearing aids in the correct ear easily, and there is a choice of a black or mocha coloured front.

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The Silk 5NX has everything the Silk 3NX offers, with some important elements of the sound processing further enhanced. There are more sound processing channels, an impressive 32 (24 on the 3NX). The additional channels provide more flexibility in matching hearing test results and providing better fine tuning.

The Silk X is the latest instant-fit completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid from Signia. Unlike other CIC hearing aids, the Silk X does not need to be custom-fitted to your ear using a traditional earmold or ear scan procedure. Instead, the hearing aid is compatible with a variety of "click sleeves" which enable a robust fit with most ear canals.

While other hearing aids rely solely on acoustic data, the Silk 5Nx’s 3D Classifier feature takes information from your environment and movement into account. The Bluetooth from your smartphone will send the information to your hearing aid seamlessly. No need to adjust if you’re in a loud setting, that’s done for you.

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Signia Silk 5Nx. The Signia Silk 5Nx hearing aids are a definite step up in technology from the Silk 3Nx. 3D Classifier (better) Sound Clarity (better) Speech Quality (better) You Adjust (best)

The Signia Silk is a fantastic choice for anyone with a mild to moderate loss and unrivalled at this price with this technological spec and size – the ergonomics of this hearing aid utilises the shape of your outer ear (otherwise know as the Pinna) to help with creating a more natural sound – this also allows you to use your phone as normal rather than angle the phone is such a way to hear well with a Behind The Ear hearing aid.

Superior hearing plus Bluetooth. Only Signia hearing aids combine the most advanced connectivity technologies to deliver a natural-sounding own voice and uncompromised audibility with direct streaming. Signia Nx offers the only wireless system combining Bluetooth and Ultra HD e2e thanks to its high energy efficiency.

The Signia Silk 5 hearing aid has 32 channels and 6 customizable programs, and that gives it the flexibility to digitally process sound in a way that sounds natural, and can also be adapted to the particular listening environment of the wearer. The Silk 5 is powered by a size 10 battery which will need to be changed every 3-5 days.

The Signia Pure line of hearing aids sacrifices the slim and sleek design of the Styletto lineup, but it’s a powerful hearing loss solution for patients with mild, moderate, severe, and profound hearing loss.

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