How do you level the ground for a spa?

Myriam Leannon asked a question: How do you level the ground for a spa?
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Place a layer of gravel on the leveled spot. The thickness of the layer will depend on the size and weight of your hot tub, but a layer four to six inches thick should be adequate for most hot tubs. Extend the gravel out around the tub in all directions, to avoid having a muddy area around your hot tub.

  1. Use Plastic Shims.
  2. Use Wooden Shims and a Platform.
  3. Purchase a Spa Leveler.
  4. Build a Raised Pad.
  5. Pour a New Concrete Pad.
  6. Final Thoughts.


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How you install your hot tub is completely up to you. You can install your new hot tub on a deck, partially sink it into a deck, sunk fully into the ground, or simply place it on a concrete pad… Hot tubs can be installed many different ways, from fully above ground to fully in ground.

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  • It is true that an in-ground swim spa is cheaper than an above ground swim spa, but once you factor in installation costs an in-ground swim spa will probably end up costing more.

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Level the ground where you intend to place the hot tub by removing bumps and filling in holes. A tractor works well for this, but you can use a shovel and a hoe if you prefer. Remove any large rocks or other debris, and do not place the hot tub in an area where there are large tree roots above or near the surface.

Once you have done all this, you can begin to level the ground. Do this by removing bumps and filling up holes. Use a shovel and a hoe to do this. Remove rocks and other large debris. Also, make sure that there are no tree roots where you wish to place your hot tub. Remember, the ground must be smooth and level.

If you hot tub sits on uneven concrete, then the best way to level a spa on uneven concrete is to do the following: Rip pressure treated 2x4s and placed one foot apart. Construct a 2x4s pressure-treated deck and place pressure-treated plywood on top. Wooden box + pea sand or gravel + hand pads.

We show what we did to level out the ground for an above ground swimming pool. It's works really well and surprisingly easy. This also shows how to level gro...

How to Level a Hot Tub. Mark the area of the hot tub with marking paint or with chalk. Fill the area with a layer of sand. Cut a 1-inch thick by 6-inch wide board to a length long enough to reach the each end of the hot tub. Slide the 1-inch edge of the board from one end of the marked area to the other.

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But it’s important that you do not install a swim spa on grass or an uneven surface. Do not try to “shim” your swim spa by placing objects underneath to make it level. Contact a professional to have the site leveled or have a top cap poured. Other swim spa installation options include a reinforced deck, professionally installed pavers, and a vault that allows you to recess the swim spa. The best foundation for a swim spa by Master Spas is a concrete pad that has been reinforced.

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Using pressure treated 2x4 cut as long wedges, placed about one foot apart. Then put plywood on top of that, pressure treated if you can find it. To determine the cut, us a 2x4 cut to the size of the base of the spa and a level. Place the level on the 2x4 and measuer the height at the end to the ground.

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