How do i add a bookmark in silk browser?

Lamont Turcotte asked a question: How do i add a bookmark in silk browser?
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You can bookmark sites in Silk so that you can easily jump back to those sites again. With a site displayed on screen, tap the Menu icon in the Options bar and tap Add Bookmark. In the Add Bookmark dialog box that appears, tap OK to bookmark the currently displayed page.

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You can delete your synced bookmark data any time by visiting the Silk Bookmarks browser extension. How to import your Chrome bookmarks in five easy steps: 1. Install and open the Silk Bookmarks extension 2. Sign-in using

To get started, tap the Silk Browser icon on the home screen. Next, tap on the three buttons on the taskbar in the righthand corner. Then tap on the Bookmarks button.

In the Silk browser, select the “ Menu ” icon at the upper left corner, then choose “ Bookmarks “. Select the “ Menu ” icon to the right of the bookmark to reveal a menu to “ Edit “, “ Remove “, “ Copy “, or “ Share “.

To add new bookmark in your Kindle Fire browser follow steps below. Step 1: Open the web site which you want to add to bookmarks and then simply tap on bookmarks icon you see on bottom of your screen. Step 2: Then tap on plus (+) sign that is displayed in the pages thumbnail.

To access it, swipe right from the left of the screen to find the Bookmarks menu item, and click on the bookmark. That may not be the most elegant bookmark import method, but it does work. And you can always create a more

To edit a bookmark and add a note, just click on the pencil-shaped icon next to the bookmarked page. The pencil icon will be visible when you hover your mouse pointer over the bookmark entry.

Head to the webpage you wish to save in bookmarks. Click ‘Bookmarks’ on the toolbar (top of screen), then select ‘Add Bookmark’ (from the drop down menu) On the menu that appears: Name the bookmark and add it to a folder. Click ‘Add’. If you want to have this webpage show up right under your address bar, just drag the web address ...

Of course to save any sites that you’re visiting with your Silk browser, select the bookmark icon in the URL field. You’ll see two options when you do this: Add Bookmark : This will save to your bookmarks library

To add a web shortcut to the home screen, save a webpage as a bookmark, then go to your bookmarks, press and hold the one you want, and select 'add to home screen' (I'm not sure this works for newer Kindles, though)

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