Guy who founded silk road?

Alexys Towne asked a question: Guy who founded silk road?
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Ross Ulbricht

Speaking publicly for the first time since a 2013 arrest for his role in creating and managing bitcoin-based online marketplace Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht described his original intentions for the darknet site and appealed to the Bitcoin community to continue advocating for freedom.

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Ulbricht admits he founded Silk Road, but says he isn’t Dread Pirate Roberts

Ross William Ulbricht is an American who created and operated the darknet market website Silk Road from 2011 until his arrest in 2013. The site used Tor for anonymity and bitcoin as a currency and facilitated the sale of narcotics and other illegal sales. Ulbricht's online pseudonym was "Dread Pirate Roberts" after the fictional character in the novel The Princess Bride and its film adaptation. In February 2015, Ulbricht was convicted of conspiracy to commit money laundering ...

Ross Ulbricht, the "Dread Pirate Roberts" of the internet, founded and operated the darknet marketplace Silk Road in 2011 until it was shut down by the U.S. government in 2013.

It’s Ross Ulbricht, the guy who founded the famous darknet marketplace, Silk Road. According to Ross, Bitcoin is very likely to hit $100k by February 2020. Silk Road. Ross founded the Silk Road, a dark web illegal marketplace. Silk Road was the first place where Bitcoin was used as a means of payment extensively. However, things didn’t work out in his favor and he was nabbed by US authorities in 2013. He is now serving two life sentences in a US prison. While doing his time ...

Ross was the perfect fall guy. Silk Road was his idea. [Silk Road created] a digital contrivance that left him holding the bag when the real operators of Silk Road knew their time was up.

The trial of the mastermind behind Silk Road began with the defense admitting Ross Ulbricht founded the illicit online drug marketplace but arguing he really wasn't the true operator of the site.

Silk Road was operated by the pseudonymous "Dread Pirate Roberts" (named after the fictional character from The Princess Bride), who was known for espousing libertarian ideals and criticizing regulation. Two other individuals were also closely involved in the site's growth and success, known as Variety Jones and Smedley.

Silk Road History . The east-west trade routes between Greece and China began to open during the first and second centuries B.C. The Roman Empire and the Kushan Empire (which ruled territory in ...

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