Goat tattoos - what do they mean?

Mina Senger asked a question: Goat tattoos - what do they mean?
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The goat is a symbol of power, vitality, and fertility. Most images refer to the ram, and many tattoos feature goats with various horn styles, from coiled to straight… It's also one of the driving forces behind the image of the goat in the Baphomet. The goat can also be a symbol of abomination, injustice, and evil.

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Goat Tattoo Design Meanings - Virile, lustful and cunning, the goat has stirred the human imagination for millennia. Strong sexual connotations surround the goat - horns and erect members - turning it into a symbol of male potency, but also female fecundity and nurturing. As an animal totem, the goat's sharp horns symbolize perception.

The goat skull tattoo has an obvious connection to the mortality of humans and death. Sometimes confused with the ram skull tattoo, the goat skull tattoo represents courage in the face of death while the ram skull tattoo represents a fearlessness in the face of danger.

Goat Tattoo designs might be unusual, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful. Goats are amazing animals that can work fantastically as inspiration for tattoos. You can do them in so many ways and we are confident you are going to love how unique and special your goat’s tattoo will be! Need More Inspiration. Feature image from Pinterest

In cases of death and settling of estates, the presence or absence of tattoo marks in the animals has meant the difference between a good herd being discarded because no one could properly identify the animals, or the profitable sale of the herd because the purchaser was able to know positively the identity of the goats purchased.

All dairy goats must be tattooed before they can be accepted for registry or recordation in the herd books of the American Dairy Goat Association. Goat’s Right Ear, Right Tail, or Center Tail. It is strongly recommended that all breeds be tattooed in the ears, except the LaMancha which should be tattooed in the tail web.

1996 Tattoo Year Letter: H. 1995 Tattoo Year Letter: G. 1994 Tattoo Year Letter: F. 1993 Tattoo Year Letter: E. Equipment needed for tattooing: baking soda, tattoo digits, numbers and alphabet, tattoo ink (paste or roll-on, green is the most versatile), tattoo pliers, wet wipes, tooth brush and towel. Cleaning the ear.

Practically, tattoos could help identify drowned sailors. Their meanings, however, depend on the era and even the specific ship. An anchor could mean crossing the equator, the soul of a dead sailor...

This tattoo is commonly found on the elbow, signifying sitting around so long with your elbows on the table that a spider made a web on your elbow, though it can also be located on the neck. If you see a multi-colored web, it’s probably not a prison tattoo; tattoo ‘artists’ in jail rarely have access to colored ink.

The XXIII tattoo is one that is popular among those who are into the Roman numeral system and also for those who are religious. This is a tattoo that signifies a certain verse but does not come out right to say so. The Roman numerals associated with this tattoo are XXIII which is also verse 41:13 in the bible.

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