Gliss kur hair repair liquid silk how to use?

Elissa Kovacek asked a question: Gliss kur hair repair liquid silk how to use?
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Shake before use! Spray into towel-dried or dry hair after washing. Leave-in! Do not spray into eyes.

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Gliss Kur Hair Repair Liquid Silk Gloss Anti-Frizz Serum: I love this hair oil! Non-sticky, the smell is pleasant and easy to use. I usually use just a month two or three times. For me, this is enough, but feel free to use it every day. Schauma Cream and Oil 60 Sekunden Express Kur. Schauma Cream and Oil 60 Sekunden Express Kur: I tried this product. I’m satisfied with it. Surprisingly, this small tube quite long hair.

Use. Shake before use! After each hair wash, spray into dry or dry hair. DO NOT RINSE! Apply regularly.

Hair feels silky soft, and smells good too! To use, you gently shake the bottle to mix the two separated liquid, and spray the conditioner on hair. The nozzle is fabulous, as the spray comes out like mist. Hence, hair will still retain the original volume. Some hair conditioner is too wet, but this one isn't.

GLISS KUR 7 Sec Express Repair Treatment Ultimate Repair. Works like a 5-minute treatment in just 7 seconds! Transforms into a creamy texture upon application, for shiny, repaired hair. Directions: 1) Wash hair. 2) Apply evenly and and directly to the hair lengths and ends. Work in until a creamy texture is formed. Leave on for 7 seconds.

GLISS KUR LIQUID SILK Express Repair Conditioner is designed for brittle, dull hair. The formula smoothes the surface of the hair immediately making it easier to comb and provide a perceptible SOFTNESS and intense GLOSS - for hair like silk. MILLION GLOSS. Express Repair Conditioner with CONCENTRATED GLOSS ELIXIR. Immediate Combability & Shine. 200ml

Schwarzkopf Gliss Liquid Silk Leave In Hair Conditioner Spray With Keratin 2 X 200Ml = 400Ml

Wet hair while in the shower or bath and squeeze out a quarter-sized amount of chosen Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Hair Repair shampoo. Work into hair to create a rich, foamy lather from hair root to tip. Massage scalp well and rinse.

Directions: Apply gently into wet hair. Rinse thoroughly! Use regularly. The repair solution with Ceramides and Silk. To smoothen your hair surface and intensify its natural shine, a special regime is required. GLISS KUR LIQUID SILK offers: Perfect combability; Extraordinary soft hair; Natural shine Directions: Apply gently into wet hair after washing. Rinse thoroughly! Use regularly.

pink liquid in a spray bottle that you shake to activate ingredients, for immediate combability and shine. You shake and spray on to towel-dried hair after washing it, and it is a leave-in conditioner. Tweet.

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