For what purpose is massage used?

Sanford Kris asked a question: For what purpose is massage used?
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People use massage for a variety of health-related purposes, including to relieve pain, rehabilitate sports injuries, reduce stress, increase relaxation, address anxiety and depression, and aid general wellness.

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Studies have shown that massage is effective in treating a range of symptoms related to a variety of conditions. Massage (including myotherapy) may be used to treat or prevent a range of physical and psychological conditions. There are many different types of massage to choose from.

Massage therapy is used to help manage a health condition or enhance wellness. It involves manipulating the soft tissues of the body. Massage has been practiced in most cultures, both Eastern and Western, throughout human

Massage is the manipulation of the body's soft tissues. Massage techniques are commonly applied with hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearms, feet, or a device. The purpose of massage is generally for the treatment of body

Massage may help with pain due to osteoarthritis of the knee, according to a 2012 NCCIH-funded study Depression - A 2010 meta-analysis of 17 clinical trials concluded that massage therapy may help to reduce depression and a 2010 review concluded that massage may help older people relax.

Massage can reduce pain and anxiety for people with chronic illnesses, such as cancer, and reduce the physiological burden of stress. It can help treat conditions including stress-related tension, cancer-related fatigue, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, low back pain and depression, just to name a few.

Petrissage refers to a series of slow and rhythmical movements that use deep pressure to compress muscles and tissues against each other. The techniques used in petrissage massage are executed using the palms, thumbs, or surface of the finger. Squeezing the muscles against the bones or each other helps to stretch and loosen the muscle fibers.

Massage is a general term for pressing, rubbing and manipulating your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Massage may range from light stroking to deep pressure. There are many different types of massage, including these

Regular massage with this oil gives you glowing and radiant skin. 8. Argan Oil Pure argan oil is used in spas for body massage. A massage with argan oil is usually done right after a relaxing warm bath. Argan oil is light and non

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