Facial acupuncture side effects?

Maximillian Keeling asked a question: Facial acupuncture side effects?
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Risks And Side Effects Of Facial And Cosmetic Acupuncture

These include soreness or pain, slight bruising and/ or redness at the site(s) of insertion, and possibly pain as well.

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The most common side effect for facial acupuncture — or really any acupuncture — is bruising.

The common side effects of acupuncture include: Minor bleeding Soreness Redness Bruises Pain

Skin rash: A side effect of acupuncture that’s commonly reported is that of a skin rash. A skin rash resulting from acupuncture may be caused by transmission of an infection (e.g. bacterial or viral) or may be associated with relatively benign contact dermatitis from needle stimulation.

Curious about facial acupuncture and whether it will actually do anything to your skin? We break down the whole procedure here.

Less Common Side Effects Fatigue. Most people feel energized by their acupuncture sessions, but there are some people who may feel fatigued. Soreness or Mild Discomfort. Some people may experience soreness, discomfort or even itching where needles were inserted. Feeling Worse Before Feeling Better…

There are unpleasant side effects that occasionally happen which can range anywhere from feeling hot during a bath one moment before relaxing after it's over to getting stabbed by needles every so often – both resulting in quick recovery times though! Your body reacts similarly when put through.

Facial Rejuvenation (Acupuncture) Side Effects Bruising is the most common side effect of facial acupuncture. Any discoloration is temporary and typically localized. Who shouldn't use it: Cosmetic acupuncture may be contraindicated for individuals with migraines, seizure disorders or high blood pressure.

There are a few main effects from facial acupuncture. First off, the treatment helps to detoxify the body, which is great, because toxins in the skin lead to wrinkles and unwanted redness. Secondly, the needles create ‘microcirculation,’ which improves blood flow to the face.

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