Etiquette on ironman tattoos?

Mckenzie Breitenberg asked a question: Etiquette on ironman tattoos?
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There's no rules. The filled in color thing is not any popular convention I've ever heard of. If you want to indicate you've done a 70.3 and not a full, then you generally put a 70.3 somewhere on there. A standalone m-dot generally infers an IM finish.


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đź’„ Are ironman triathlon tattoos a good idea?

It's a great reminder of past accomplishment and if you have any interest in tattoos, it's a good choice. It will probably be my only one because I can't think of another tattoo that would have as much meaning. I'll be returning to the 140.6 distance this year for IM AZ.

đź’„ What kind of tattoos do you get for ironman?

  • Ironman is a triathlon organized by the World Triathlon Corporation. It is an extreme competition, which consists of 3.86km swim, a 180km bike ride, and a marathon run of 42.2km in this particular order. People who end up competing usually get the ironman logo tattoo.

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For most people completing an Ironman is an enormous moment. If you've sacrificed 2-3 hours a day for a year to train then by all means celebrate the accomplishment however you want. Why shit on something that someone is so proud of? And at least the M-dot tattoo represents an actual accomplishment.

Tattoo etiquette. So I know there are those here who dismiss tri tats. That's fine. I'm not one of those. I'm doing my first ironman distance tri in a couple months and I've said for years that if i finished an ironman I'd get "the" tattoo, thinking the M- dot logo.

You will know what your tattoo means to you. It'll represent the hard work you put in, and you'll use it as motivator to achieve your first Full Ironman! Good luck!!! Source: my husband has done multiple halves and 2 Full Ironmans. Ironically he hasn't filled in his "half" tattoo yet (been 2 years since his 1 st Full)

I think there should be a disclaimer that a person has to sign when they get an Ironman tattoo. They should have to agree to complete an Ironman at least every five years for the rest of their life. If they don't agree to that they should not be able to get one! Too many people get the tattoo and then suddenly stop training and get fat.

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The IRONMAN logo has become a badge of honor for IRONMAN finishers across the globe. Whether it's the small M-Dot on the calf or part of a larger piece on your shoulder, there's no better way to solidify your superhuman status than with some ink.

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However, the ironman triathlon tattoo may look the best on your more dominant leg or your calf. For most people, this is their right leg, so follow this rule if you’re planning on swimming cycling any time soon. Top 9 Ironman Tattoo Designs 1. Ironman Logo Red Tattoo. This design looks very attention-seeking at the back of the leg.

#10. Ironman tattoos are perfectly acceptable. You just finished one of the toughest days of your life. A bit of ink is just fine. Don’t let douche bags rain on your accomplishment. Douche bag here -- i will 100% rain on your accomplishment because finishing an ironman isn't impressive.

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