Do kinesiologists give massages?

Maynard Rau asked a question: Do kinesiologists give massages?
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The answer is simple. During therapeutic kinesiology, what happens basically is that the massage therapist requests you to perform certain body movements. You will be an active participant in the massage and will have to change positions accordingly.

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Perform lymphatic massage of the upper body before beginning with the legs. Follow the three stages of clearing in the supraclavicular area, the axillary area, and the inner-elbow area, in that ...

There are many things a massage therapist who is also a Kinesiologist can handle better than a thousand ordinary massage therapists can. Combining Kinesiology with massage therapy can give better results in many cases, it is just important to know which of which. What is Kinesiology? If defined simply, is the study of movement.

A contraindication in a massage is a reason why a massage therapist or practitioner would not give a massage to a client because it may cause harm in some way. Contraindication in massage can be ...

“You need to have extensive knowledge in kinesiology, anatomy, and pathology to safely do ANY kind of massage. There’s a f’k ton more to massage than something feeling good to someone FFS.” “Go to school and do this for real before you end up hurting someone or acerbating a musculoskeletal issue someone has.” – drowninginmoonlight

Massages relax muscles, stimulate circulation, and decrease emotional stress. Giving someone a quick shoulder rub is nice, but if you want to create a memorable and healing experience for your loved one, it's worth taking the time to set up a soothing environment and use the proper technique. Read on to find out everything you need to know to ...

If you always give your massages from the heat to the toe, vary it up sometimes. Start with the feet and work your way up. Slowly. 5. Do the slow slip-n-slide. Once you've worked your way down your partner's body and added a lot of oil, do some long, full-body strokes with the palms of your hands, going extremely slowly and revising all the ...

Once you know how to do Kinesiology with your own body, you become SO EMPOWERED and your entire life with change for the better. Next is knowing what questio...

Do steps 5 and 6 for 3 to 11 minutes. Once you are done with your massage, dump the salt and the energy that it absorbed into the toilet and flush it away. Extinguish your candle. Repeat this ritual for 7, 14, or 21 consequent days—7 is the number of healing.

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