Can you have hand tattoos in the navy 2018?

Kavon Schimmel asked a question: Can you have hand tattoos in the navy 2018?
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As of April 2018, sailors can sport a single neck tattoo (including behind the ear), as long as it isn't bigger than 1-inch in diameter. Additionally, tattoos below the knee and elbow, no matter the size and quantity, are perfectly fine. This means full sleeves are allowed. Hand and ring tattoos are permitted as well.

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Hand and neck tattoos are allowed in the Navy. Neck tattoos were recently added to the acceptable list of Navy tattoos so long as they are below one inch in diameter. Tattoos behind the ear are also permitted as long as the ink is not touching the ear directly.

Hand and ring tattoos are permitted as well. Full sleeve tattoos are OK in the Navy.

A month ago, the Navy eased its tattoo rules for the first time in a decade — and hoopla ensued. Sailors were excited they could finally have ink sleeves covering their forearms down to their...

Tattoos are now allowed on the hands. You can have one tattoo visible on the neck (above the collar) no larger than one inch in any direction. Tattoos on the head, face and scalp are prohibited. Navy Tattoo Regulations can be

Have multiple or large tattoos below the elbow or knee, including the wrists and hands, effectively allowing sleeve tattoos that can be seen even while wearing short sleeve uniforms. Have one ...

The Navy tattoo policy, updated in 2016, is the most lenient in all the branches. Navy tattoos can be anywhere on the body except the head, face, or scalp. The Navy is the only branch that allows tattoos on the hands. Although

Tattoos on the hands is not disqualifying for the Navy; it sounds as if they have an issue with the content. If they find anything that may violate the content criteria, they will not approve it. It depends on the tattoo and the placement

Last year the navy made the decision to allow hand tattoos, and the army guidelines state that tattoos on the hands and back of the neck are allowed. A spokesperson for the MoD said, “The revised...

A single collection of tattoos which can be covered by the individual Marine’s hand with their fingers extended and joined with the thumb flush against the side of the hand. The measurement will ...

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