Can you have a spa day with your kids?

Jaylin Johnson asked a question: Can you have a spa day with your kids?
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  • Don't wait until the kids are grown to have a mother-daughter spa day. Maybe you're a mom who wants to have a spa day with your own kids instead of your mom. If your kids are teenagers, it's possible. Although I've personally never seen any teenagers, I have seen "teen facial treatments" listed on plenty of spa menus.


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The older your children, the more likely they are to be welcome at a spa, though there may be restrictions to what kind of spa treatments they can get. Manicures and pedicures are the easiest to accommodate. Massage is the most "sensitive" because there can't be a hint of misunderstanding about what is happening.

Have Manicures and Pedicures. The best part of an at home spa day is having your nails painted. Even if you don’t consider yourself a pro at painting nails, your kids will love having you give them manicures and pedicures. Our girls love to laugh as we place rolled up tissue between their toes before painting.

I made fancy PB&J and cream cheese & cucumber sandwiches, served their favorite fresh fruits and had sprinkle cookies, cupcakes and meringues for dessert. I also infused the water with cucumber and mint. Heart-shaped PB&J and fancy cucumber sandwiches are a perfect lunch for a spa day for kids!

When you have young kids at home, spa days tend to be few and far between. So if it’s gloomy and rainy out, and you and the kids are trapped at home, why not take this opportunity to have an at-home spa day with your kids

An at-home spa day can be a fun, relaxing way to spend quality time with your daughters without the hassle of a real spa. Save major money by doing these s These Restaurant Chains Probably Won’t Make It Through

So, if you're thinking of booking a Mother and Daughter spa day or a teen pamper party, check with the spa first as to their policy on teenage visitors. If you’re not going to be booking a treatment then a teenager may be allowed to use the spa facilities if they are over the age of 16.

Maybe you're a mom who wants to have a spa day with your own kids instead of your mom. If your kids are teenagers, it's possible. Although I've personally never seen any teenagers, I have seen "teen facial treatments" listed on

If you’re looking for THE place where girls can be girls, look no further than Sweet & Sassy® Kids Salon! We are a salon, spa, and celebration place for children and tweens. From kid spa packages to fancy updos, princess birthday celebrations to ear-piercings, our store has everything you could want for an unforgettable day.

Apr 29, 2018 - What's the only thing better than a mother-daughter spa day with your little girl(s)? A spa day with homemade DIY spa products - bonding time that's fun AND inspiring!

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