Can i get two tattoos in one sitting?

Yvonne Runolfsson asked a question: Can i get two tattoos in one sitting?
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You won't be able to get two tattoos if the placement of the second tattoo interferes with the first. Remember, you will have just received a fresh ink job, and it will experience after-session pain, swelling (within reason) and bleeding.

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Even if an artist agrees to do both in one sitting and the designs are clean, don’t assume that the tattoos will be done by an exact time. With one tattoo you need to leave an hour (or more) buffer, and with two, you need even more time on the clock to account for longer breaks and to ensure the second tattoo matches the first to the tee (when doing matching designs).

Sure you can get two tattoos at once! But one big one looks a lot better! If you mean two artists in one session, I wouldn’t even consider that if getting the best quality tattoo is important. Neither artist will do their best work in that situation. The only reason to do that is for bravado/ego. People (myself included) have sat all day for tattoos.

If you come down with the flu—or any other illness—quite frequently, or if you care for lots of small children, you'll want to boost your immune system before opting for another tattoo.   The infections that come into tattoos can become real nasty, real quick.

Don’t expect to get a huge tattoo, or series of them, in just one sitting. They just take too long. Gualteros has some clients who fly in from overseas, and who then spend a few solid days getting...

You see, a full sleeve takes quite a bit of time and can, in some cases, take over a year if you can only sit in the tattoo chair for an hour or two at a time. In my case, I opted to do one 12-8pm session in the chair each month (yes, I’m crazy) so that I could get it done quicker than it would normally take. Things not to do the night before your tattoo appointment: Go to a concert that lasts until late in the evening. Drink at said concert. Get a restless nights sleep because ...

It is generally considered safe and advisable to wait a minimum of two to three weeks between tattoo sessions, and there are multiple reasons for this. During this time frame, your tattoo will scab and peel and then appear healed. However, this is only on the surface. Below the tattoo, the deeper layers of skin will still be healing.

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Sure, for most of us, it seems pretty easy to not piss off someone who is going to be providing us with a service, but if you have no idea of what the code of etiquette is, then you run the risk ...

2. You’re not going to be able to get an entire, massive piece on your back or full arm sleeve in a half hour. Apparently it isn’t uncommon for people to walk in tattoo shops without making an appointment and expect to be able, not only to get a large tattoo, but to have it completed absurdly hastily.

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