Are yoga sequences copyrighted?

Elenora Nienow asked a question: Are yoga sequences copyrighted?
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A sequence of yoga poses is not eligible for copyright protection, according to new guidance provided by the U.S. Copyright Office. The agency said the policy statement was required following a series of legal decisions and erroneously awarded copyrights.

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The poses themselves were all thousands of years old, yet Choudhury had his particular sequence copyrighted, arguing that the arrangement was his own intellectual property. Bikram hot yoga classes cost approximately $25 per class and anyone wishing to open an Bikram Yoga studio must have Choudhury’s permission and take a $7,000 yoga course with him. In 2006, Gumucio left Bikram Yoga to open ...

Your one-stop-shop for yoga sequences. Put the poses together with top-tier instruction from yoga teachers. Get sequences for back pain, better balance, open hips and more. Yoga Sequences. These Yin Yoga Poses Will Feel Soooo Good on Your Low Back You've tried everything else to ease your tension. Maybe it's time to opt for simple stretches that draw on contemporary science as well as ...

Yoga and copyright. June 2017. By Benjamin Beck and Konstantin von Werder, Mayer Brown, Frankfurt am Main, Germany . Can a sequence of movements such as yoga poses or dance steps be copyrighted? It is a question that has occupied the attention of international courts, scholars and copyright offices for some time.

Defendants Evolation Yoga, LLC, Mark Drost, and Zefea Samson contend that they do not infringe on Plaintiff Bikram Choudhury’s copyrights by teaching or performing the yoga sequence described in the copyrighted works. Choudhury insists that they do infringe; the copyrights are broad and cover not only the actual written or audiovisual works, but the depicted yoga sequence as well—like a ...

Bikram Choudhury can no longer claim to hold a copyright to the popular 26-pose sequence thanks to a federal court ruling, putting an end to an issue that’s been debated in the yoga community for decades. “Even if the manner in which Choudhury arranged the sequence is unique, the sequence would not be copyrightable subject matter because individual yoga poses are not copyrightable subject ...

Yoga is different from choreography—you are not doing this as creative expression. According to Bikram, you are are doing it to enhance your health and physical well-being.”. In other words, a yoga pose or sequence is akin to an “idea” or a fact, and you cannot copyright an idea or a fact. You can certainly copyright the “expression ...

TKDL-creator Dr. V Gupta says “all of the 26 sequences which are part of Hot Yoga have been mentioned in Indian yoga books written thousands of years ago.” Rather than legally challenging Bikram, Gupta notes, this will provide a reference point for patent offices world-wide every time a specific pose is claimed by patent-seeking yoga gurus.

On December 17, 2012, U.S. District Court Judge Otis Wright ruled that Bikram Choudhury does not have copyright protection for the sequence of 26 yoga postures and two breathing exercises commonly known as “Bikram Yoga.”. The ruling, in favor of Evolation Yoga LLC and its founders Mark Drost and Zefea Samson, meant that non-Bikram studios ...

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