Are my little ponies still popular?

Gabrielle Crooks asked a question: Are my little ponies still popular?
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My Little Pony toys have been around since the early 1980s and are still popular today. Some people who enjoyed playing with My Little Ponies when they were young are now buying them for their own children… Whatever your child's favorite My Little Pony character, you're sure to find a toy that features it.


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💄 Are my little ponies worth anything?

The rarest pony that was sold in stores is well known to be Mimic the twinkle eye Unicorn. It's not really known why, but Mimic had a really small production run. Because of the small run she has become one of the most sought after ponies around. If you want one expect to pay as much as $200 for one in good condition!

💄 What my little ponies are rare?

While almost all of the early mail-order ponies are pretty rare, it's even rarer to find them as a set in good condition. The collection featured here includes: Baby Firefly, Baby Surprise, Baby Cotton Candy, Baby Blossom, Baby Glory and Baby Moondancer.

💄 How many original my little ponies are there?


Snuzzle, Butterscotch, Blue Belle, Minty, Blossom, and Cotton Candy were produced in 1982. They were made in what's now known as the “Flatfoot Pose”—so named because they were the only My Little Ponies to have flat rather than concave feet—with heads facing forward and down.

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