Are children allowed in the court room?

Ada Kirlin asked a question: Are children allowed in the court room?
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Parental alienation in child custody cases

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In fact, even the Supreme Court of the United States says that children may attend court, though “given the formal nature of Court sessions, it is not recommended for infants or small children.” The proceedings may sometimes be too dull even for the Justices, so this is probably sound advice.


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💄 Are children allowed in court?

Yes, children allowed in court.

💄 Are kids allowed in court hearings?

Why Most Courts Don't Allow Children

The biggest reason we advise against bringing your children to court is that most judges won't allow minors to be present during their hearings… Children can be disruptive during court hearings, and judges don't like being interrupted.

💄 Can children speak in court?

Children can testify at custody hearings, but it does not happen very often. A child must be "competent" to testify. This means that the child must understand the difference between the truth and a lie, and must promise to tell the truth in court… However, sometimes the child can speak privately to the judge.

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